Healthy Alternatives

For you health conscience employees we have a large selection of healthy snacks

healthy snacks

Single Cup Coffee


Over 50 Different Coffees Available!

Fresh Food Available

We know what your employees want, and we stock all kinds of fresh food for there enjoyment.

Fresh Food

Dependable Service

We have a team of long term, reliable employees working to give you the best customer service 24 hrs/7days a week.

Dependable Service


Ahh…The perfect cup of hot, soothing tea to help you work through the afternoon. Offer the finest blends of premium tea, including Celestial Seasonings, Lipton, Tetley and Bigelow brands, to your staff and employees. Premium teas are also available for single-cup brewing systems.

For a popular and healthy alternative to coffee, offer your office employees the finest selection of premium and flavored teas.

R.C. Bigelow

Bigelow Tea Premium Blend 100ct

Bigelow Tea Raspberry Royal Bag 28ct

Bigelow Constant Comment Bag 28ct

Bigelow Lemon Lift Bag 28ct

Bigelow Tea Cinnamon Stick 28ct

Bigelow English Tea Time Bag 28ct

Bigelow Tea Earl Grey Bag 28ct

Bigelow Tea Green Bag 28ct

Bigelow Tea Mint Medley Bag 28ct

Bigelow Tea Herb Orange Spice Bag 28ct

Bigelow Tea I Love Lemon Bag 28ct

Bigelow Tea Cranberry Apple Bag 28ct

Bigelow Tea Green w/ Lemon Bag 28ct

Bigelow Tea Green Decaf 28ct

Bigelow Tea Green w/ Pomegranate 28ct

Bigelow Tea Apple Cinnamon Bag 28ct


Tazo Tea Herb Refresh 24ct $4.95

Tazo Tea Calm 24ct $4.95

Tazo Tea Wild Sweet Orange 24ct $4.95

Tazo Tea Passion 24ct $4.95

Tazo Tea Zen 24ct $4.95

Tazo Tea Black Awake 24ct $4.95

Tazo Tea Earl Grey 24ct $4.95

Tazo Tea Green China 24ct $4.95

Tazo Tea Organic Chai 24ct $4.95

Tazo Green & Black Organic 24ct $4.95

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