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For you health conscience employees we have a large selection of healthy snacks

healthy snack vending in Cleveland Ohio

Single Cup Coffee

coffee vending in Ohio

Over 50 Different Coffees Available!

Fresh Food Available

We know what your employees want, and we stock all kinds of fresh food for there enjoyment.

Fresh Food vending in Ohio

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We have a team of long term, reliable employees working to give you the best customer service 24 hrs/7days a week.

Dependable Service

Cleveland Single Cup Coffee Service

Suncafe Pod Brewer- Less then 10 Employees

SunCafe brews one cup of fresh coffee at a time using Coffee Pods. Moving the handle down locks the pod and the machine is ready to brew. The SunCafe brewer has an energy saving mode and turns itself off after 30 minutes. Additionally, the sprout's design allows to serve two cups simultaneously. The cup tray is manufactured in metal and is dish washer proof. The tray can be removed for easy cleaning.

Bunn My Cafe Pod- 11-30 employees

The Bunn My Cafe is a single-cup pod machine. At the push of a button, the Bunn My Café brews a cup of coffee in about 30 seconds, or a cup of tea in roughly 50 seconds. The machine allows for adjustable brew strength and cup sizes ranging from 4 oz. to 12 oz. The Bunn my Café pod brewer connects directly to the waterline allowing you to brew one cup after another.

Newco Fresh Cup- 30+ employees

The Newco Fresh Cup is our latest single-cup pod machine. The user selects and unwraps pod of their desired coffee, and loads it into the machine. At the push of a button, the Newco Fresh Cup does the rest.

Most coffee drinkers agree that pod coffee has a superior extraction and taste. Pods also come with less packaging, and the pods themselves are biodegradable. The brewer also features an energy-savings mode that drastically cuts down on electricity use during periods of non-use.