Healthy Alternatives

For you health conscience employees we have a large selection of healthy snacks

healthy snack vending

Single Cup Coffee

coffee vending cleveland ohio

Over 50 Different Coffees Available!

Fresh Food Available

We know what your employees want, and we stock all kinds of fresh food for there enjoyment.

Fresh Food vending in Ohio

Dependable Service

We have a team of long term, reliable employees working to give you the best customer service 24 hrs/7days a week.

Dependable Service

Latest Technology in Vending

We have the latest technology in the vending industry. Because we are one of the largest operators in the greater Cleveland area, we can provide you with the most modern and reliable Coke, Pepsi, and snack vending equipment.

All route drivers carry handheld technology that tracks all items purchased within the machines. By using handheld technology, route schedules can be made more timely and efficiently in addition to tracking fast moving items in the machines. Vending machines installed are also equipped with credit card acceptors which gives the consumer the ability to purchase items using coins, currency along with Credit or Debit cards.

Guaranteed Product Delivery

Refreshment Solutions install’s only state of the art vending machines. All machines are equipped with Guaranteed Product Delivery systems. This technology guarantees 100% product delivery. Infrared technology detects any unsuccessful vend cycle, guaranteeing that your employees either receives their product, or gets their money back. This new technology greatly reduces the chance that your employees will lose their money or not get the item they have selected.

The MIND™ Nutritional Information Touchscreen

Make Informed Nutritional Decisions
The MIND™ touchscreen provides a simple and intuitive way to provide nutritional information and display promotional content.

The MIND touchscreen can be installed on virtually any snack or soda vending machine and provides an inexpensive and simple way to meet new regulations mandating that vending machines provide nutritional details about the products they sell.

Shoppers interact with an intuitive touchscreen interface to select products and view detailed images and information about each.

And between shoppers, the MIND can display a variety of videos, animations or slideshows to capture attention and encourage sales.

Features include:

  1. Interactive touchscreen ranging in size from 5" - 10.4"
  2. Display Builder software to load product information and content
  3. Nutrition info generated from

Cashless Payment System

Refreshment Solutions is proud to offer cashless payment solutions on our vending machines. Our customers now have the ability to use credit cards, debit cards, new contactless cards and other forms of cashless payments. This is a great convenience for your employees and will help enhance your vending program!

GPS Equipped Vehicles

To better serve our customers, all our service trucks are equipped with a GPS tracking system. At Refreshment Solutions we always know the location of our technicians throughout the day. In addition to a GPS tracking system all our route drivers have smart phone devices for fast, easy accessibility.

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