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Bottless Water Cooler: $24.95 a month

"Point-of-use" bottleless water coolers combine clean, simple designs with advanced cooling technology - giving you great tasting chilled water. Bottleless coolers connect directly to your water supply eliminating the need for changing heavy bottles. The use of a high-quality carbon filtering system gives you great tasting, ice cold water. Standard floor models and counter-top models are available. We offer FREE installation and FREE scheduled filter changes.

  • Free installation
  • Free scheduled filter changes
  • Ice-cold, great tasting water
  • Less expensive than bottled water
  • No heavy bottles to carry
  • No mess changing bottles
  • Save space (no bottles to store)

Five Facts About Bottled Water

  1. Bottled Water Is Expensive.
  2. Bottled water cooler costs can be high. You pay for your water to be bottled in bottling plants. Then you pay for that bottled water to be shipped to the distribution center. Then you pay for the cost of the water delivery trucks. Then you pay for drivers and fuel to drive that bottled water to you.

  3. Bottled Water is a Nuisance
  4. Reordering bottled water is an annoyance. How much do you reorder? Where do you store all the bottles or jugs?

  5. Bottled Water Coolers Are Not Necessarily Healthy.
  6. Bottled water coolers are open-systems Open System Water Cooler Open systems such as bottled water dispensers have a human factor – someone has to replace the bottles. They may introduce dirt and germs into the system by touching the top of the bottle or the connection point, sneezing on it, or allowing dust and germs in the air to come into contact with the water supply. Dirt, germs, bacteria, fungi, and biofilm may end up in contact with the water. Compare closed-system water coolers, such as bottleless water, which have internal water supplies and always give clean and healthy water. – water in the reservoir is open to the air. And the top of each new bottle or jug dips into your reservoir, as well.

  7. Bottled Water Coolers Are A Safety Hazard And A Workers Compensation Claim In Waiting.
  8. One thing you know about bottled water coolers is that someone is going to be wrestling new water jugs into place. If you've managed to successfully replace a bottle or two, congratulations. But if you've felt that twinge or slipped on spilled water- Well, ouch.

  9. Bottled Water = Over 1.5 Million Barrels A Year.
  10. More than 1.5 million barrels of oil are used just to manufacture plastic water bottles each year. You could fuel 100,000 cars for a year with the gas from that oil.

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